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Introducing Arpeegees!!

Inspired by the classic video game RPG's everyone loves, these adorable Hard Enamel pins come in randomly selected packs of 3 (three)!!

Fully designed by Arin Hanson, these pins are meant to evoke the nostalgic feeling of staying up late, battling monsters and becoming fully immersed in a fun, colorful, fantasy world!! Line them up as if they are engaged in a classic turn based RPG battle!

Each bag contains 3 (three) randomly selected pins.

The entire set of Wave 1 pins consist of:

7 Hero Pins (facing left)
7 Monster Pins (facing right)
4 Menu Pins
2 ULTRA RARE Mystery Pins

Each pack of 3 pins contains AT LEAST 1 (one) UNCOMMON OR HIGHER rarity pin! Try for your favorite one!

Orders will be processed within 14 days


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